Writer    Leander Thom

             Director    Mondo Ghulam

                    Ryan    David Anderson
       Group Leader    Sarit Wilson Chen
Elderly Widow    Clare Almond 

Mourning Mum    Angela Peters   

Cry-at-home Son    David Sayers       

Mr. Woolworths    Cyril Cottrell       
           Emms    Laura Evelyn

             Producer    Benedetta Basile

                    D.O.P    Andy Alderslade 

Production Design    Leander Thom       

First Assistant Director    Evy Barry                        

Assistant Camera    Ben Smith             

              2nd AC     Jackson Caines

 Makeup Artist    Kate O’Shea    

Sound Recordist    Danny Jackson   
          Runner    Claire Winter
                         Runner    Marie Rosted Furseth

               Editors    Creda Wilson &

                                   Connor Snedecor

Re-recording Mixer    Adam Scrivener      

Stop Motion / CG    Mondo Ghulam   


Executive Producers    Mondo Ghulam &    

                              Leander Thom

Production Company    Laugh-holes                



Lay a printed copy of this website face-up next to your Ouija board.

Place two candles in the centre of the page. Light only the right one.

Throw 2 pinches of salt South-south-east, and begin ritual.

For those less practised in the occult, please use the form below.

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